Saint’s Roost – Lone Mesa Traditional Christian Western
Series: Package Sale
Publisher: Lone Mesa Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
Length: Novel
Janie was a pampered young lady who had always been taken care of until she found herself alone and unprotected in the middle of the western wilderness . . . and found a strength she did not know she had.
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About the Book

Newly married, Janie Benedict is alone, surrounded by “No Man’s Land,” at the border of the plains that stretched from western Kansas through Texas. Her missionary husband butchered by two Comanches, his body lies near the Conestoga. Terrified, she hides in the wagon; but the killers see her. Coming for the pretty, young woman, they climb into the wagon. She fumbles with the shotgun and the thing goes off–right into their faces. Thus, Burns opens this post-Civil War Western inspirational. The remainder of the uplifting story deals with how an Eastern-bred, Christian woman, thrown into west Texas, keeps her vow to continue the work her husband had started

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