Brother’s Keeper (Mysterious Ways Series 2)
Series: Mysterious Ways
Publisher: Lone Mesa Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
Length: Novel
Twin brothers were identical in looks but could not be more different in the way they conducted their lives. Losing the family farm put them on a collision course with one another with a girl that is a complete jinx in between them.
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About the Book

James and Ross Tabor are identical twins, but looks are as far as it goes. James stays home to run the farm, and Ross takes to the outlaw trail. And he takes Mary Jane McMinn’s heart with him when he goes.

The drought takes its toll on the farm and James and Ma finally have to give up on it. Ma gets it into her head to go find Ross, and when they leave, Mary Jane insists on going with them, sure Ross wants her to join him. Mary Jane has a curious talent, or curse, as calamity seems to happen all about her with her never seeming to be involved or cause it to happen.

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