Author: Terry Burns

old friends

  After more than a decade expending all my time and energy as a literary agent it is fun to get back to writing. What I was pleased to find was all the characters who had been waiting for me to return, old friends who had more story to tell. Going back to put some books on ebook that had not been in that form before meant reading some of my won books that I had not read for some time. I was a bit surprised to find out how much I enjoyed that. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, a writer should enjoy reading their own work, but it had been a long time since I had read them. And as I was formatting those books for the conversion the characters were telling me to hurry and get through because they had more to say. The old Sheriff in “The Badge and the Bible” let me know there were things going on in his life I needed to know about. And the characters from “The Mysterious Ways Series” were off on a new adventure with some entirely new people to interact with. A young couple that came from a short story my mother wrote but never published said they were tired of being on the back burner and were ready for their day. My daughter, Teri Burns, owns...

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A new site

   A number of Christian writers are starting to gather at a new place, a place for those who love westerns without language or objectionable content and those who like a little inspirational content in their stories. Postings there can include not only western, but historical or historical romance that meets the criteria of being set in the 1800’s and primarily west of the Mississippi or contemporary that has a strong western theme. All readers are welcome but posts need approval to ensure they meet the above criteria and are monitored so inappropriate material will hopefully be caught before it goes on the page. Posts that are not a fit are not accepted.  If an inappropriate book or comment slips through people are encouraged to alert me and it will be immediately deleted. We want people to be able to trust the content that they find there. It’s true the numbers are building slowly at this site as writers who write this type of content and readers who want this type of writing find each other here but that’s how we want it. If you are one that loves reading about a simpler time when things were more sharply defined and not shades of gray come check out the Christian Western – readers and authors site at...

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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions I think the only New Year’s Resolutions I have ever successfully made and kept was a number of years ago when I resolved not to make any more dang fool resolutions. I’ve kept that successfully for many years now. That doesn’t mean I don’t think about the future, don’t have goals and plans. I do. But my guiding document is not resolutions but a to do list. Anything and everything goes on the to do list. It has sections on it and the first section is things that HAVE to be done and they are prioritized and have deadlines. My preference is when I think of them to do them right then but if I can’t they go on the list so they aren’t forgotten. Section one is on the computer and on my phone as well. Section two is things that need to be done but don’t have a pressing time frame. This is in the same document on my computer as the rest of the list but doesn’t go on the phone until it graduates to pressing. Chances are both section one and two will get done. Section three is things I MIGHT DO. These things might graduate to an upper list or might sit here a long time and eventually be culled from the list. Sounds like a lot of work? If something...

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Merry Christmas

  Our Church adopts some apartment complexes and get presents for children who aren’t set to get much under the tree.  We’ve adopted angels from the angel tree, we give money that goes into a fund that’s used to buy such gifts. Anyone who doesn’t reach out to others at Christmas is depriving themselves of a blessing. It’s a delightful experience and I recommend it highly. I’m also encouraged that more and more I hear people returning to saying “Merry Christmas” and acknowledging the fact that this season is about more than gift-giving, but a celebration of the birth of Jesus. No, we can’t be sure that this is the exact date, but it doesn’t matter, some date had to be chosen and this is it. Jesus gave us the greatest gift we will ever receive, the gift of our salvation, and this is a wonderful time to remind people of that. In a day when it seems many are dead set to remove religion from the walls and nativity scenes from the lawns in public places, they can’t remove it from the hearts of Christians, and that’s over a hundred million potential shining billboards for the real meaning of Christmas. I hope we all resolve to make a mockery of their efforts to remove Christianity from our land and send forth a wave of peace and love that...

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   Thanksgiving is a time for being grateful for all we have received. Is this year any different? So much is going on in our world today it is easy to get caught up in all the drama, worry about what we see constantly on the news and social media. We can let it steal our joy. We had an interim preacher at church today and he spoke about this very thing. He hit the nail right on the head. He said if we ask ourselves the question “What in the world is going on?” we can get caught up in all that is going on around us. He said the question to ask is “What is God doing?” That puts things in an entirely different perspective. Saundra and I took the class “Experiencing God” and one of the main take-a-ways from that class is to figure out what God is doing in our lives and get involved helping him. It’s that way in our country and in the world. God is in control. Everything that happens is either because He wants it to or allows it to. In either case we can be sure it is part of his grand design. Everything works for a purpose and we know God will eventually cause everything to work out to the good for His people. Do I believe that? Of...

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