good-closeup  I’ve seen a lot of elections over the years.

But I’ve never seen one like this one. The vitriol and anguish online is amazing. For the most part I bowed out of these discussions quite some time ago, but I still look at the gist of them regularly and occasionally get drawn in for a post or two until I remember why I quit doing it. It’s like a train wreck, hard to look away.

I’ve seen friendships spoiled and people locked into debates nobody is going to win. It makes no sense to me unless the goal is to continue to win the support of the undecided voters. Hence my question today. Are there still undecided voters?

It appears to me the battle lines are drawn and there seem to be three camps. There are the two primary candidates and each side seems to feel the election of the other would be a total disaster for this nation. The third camp feels the proper thing to do is to vote for neither, not vote, or vote for a third party candidate and propose several options there.

The battle continues to rage but as I look through these postings it has been a long time since I’ve seen anyone say “I’m still undecided.” If these rare birds do not exist then the battle is in vain, reduced from a discussion of issues that are important to America to a simple character assassination of one another fed by a media that in my eyes lost all credibility a long time ago.

The final debate is tonight. It would be nice if the candidates laid out and defended their party platforms but I sincerely doubt that will happen. I’ve looked closely at the party platforms of all the candidates and made my voting decision on that alone. I figure this is not a popularity contest but a selection of the person who can administrate our country for the next four years. I will look at the debate to see but may not watch much of it.

Saundra and I have our mail ballots here but have not marked them yet. Getting to vote by mail one of the benefits of being a senior. Even though we know how we will vote it didn’t seem right to do it before the candidates had their final say. Does that make us undecideds? Probably not. It will give us a chance to actually do online research for some of those items down on the ballot we may not be up to speed on.

So undecideds, are you out there? And you will note I did not go into supporting or attacking any candidates here and will delete any posts hijacking this to do so. A good friend of mine asked her followers how many had decided and a lot of people said they had, but I didn’t see where she offered the chance to say if they hadn’t made a choice which is what prompted me to think about this.

I do know this: whether you believe it to be true or not, God is in control and this election will go they way he wants according to his plan. Knowing that, even though I WILL vote and will do so within the confines of my faith, I will accept the outcome as his will. But you can see I still have a rather morbid curiosity as to whether there is anyone at this point who has yet to make up their mind.