I did a lot of freelance writing before I worked as a literary agent for Hartline Literary agency. I published a lot of things; books, ghostwriting of three books for authors I don’t get to divulge, articles and short stories in magazines and anthologies, and blogs and online content. Further back all of my writing was business oriented with the writing I did as a 25 year career chamber of commerce executive; business books and articles, newspaper columns, tourism and that sort of thing. I even wrote poetry and greeting cards. I took two movie scripts and wrote the books that go with them. One, “Footprints” has the authors name on the book but he doesn’t mind if I take credit for the work that I did on it. That’s a great Christian movie.

However, that means for 10-12 years I was busy being an agent and writing books so I wasn’t doing any freelance work. I haven’t forgotten how but there are a couple of problems; most of my writing clips are 10-12 years old, and I’ve got to start over on a lot of my contacts.

There is an offset as I now know a lot of people in the publishing industry, so the first thing I did was reach out to them to tell them I was available to ghostwrite a project or do some freelance work. Got some very nice responses from editors but only one had any immediate need. I put my name in the hat for that one, of course.

Another change is the availability of online locations where your services can be listed and you get the chance to submit a quote on available freelance opportunities. The age of my writing clips is a detriment there but that will go away as soon as I can get some new clips available.

So I have a very strong writing resume with over 40 books in print, literary agent credentials, good education and training credentials and attending (and teaching at) hundreds of writing conferences and workshops. I’ve got my toe in the water and it feels warm enough so I’ll wade in a little further. I expect I have to pay some dues again before I can get out in the deep water. Others may be interested in this process so I’ll report on progress periodically.

And if you are successfully doing some freelancing, any tips or leads would be appreciated. An old dog can learn new tricks . . . but they have to be easy tricks.