pondering   Politics is making me crazy. This country is in serious trouble and there is little or nothing that I can do about it. I’m a life-long independent which used to mean I could vote for a democrat or a republican based on their qualifications and what they stood for. But the democratic party has gone socialist on me, with an avowed socialist and a lady with the worst track record I have ever seen but whose policies still amount to socialism being the front-runners. Oh, I know, they espouse “democratic socialism” which is completely new and different and I should give it a chance.

Socialism has never worked in any country it has been tried and those who still have it, it is morphing away to a new economic system. But we are smarter than all these other countries and we can make it work where all these other countries have been unable to, right? I can’t believe all those, particularly our young people that are falling for that.

The GOP is no better. I keep watching them doing things that are totally the opposite of what we sent them up there to do. It is very clear that they do not represent us and clearly think they know “what is best for us better than we do.” Casting a third party or independent vote would be totally wasting it, so what is a guy to do?

Like I say, making me crazy. I quit watching the debates, they do nothing to clarify positions but became mud-slinging contests with the media not only egging them on but causing it to happen. I picked the candidate I felt I could best live with and cast my vote for him in the primary. Now I sit back and wait to see what the two choices will be that I am presented with in the general election. Then if my candidate does not get the nomination I will vote AGAINST Clinton or Sanders as the case may be. I do not want socialism to any greater degree than it has been fostered upon us as of late.

So I have set my course and I try to tune it out and wait. In the meantime I work with Lone Mesa Publications to get a couple of new books out and spend time in my greenhouse and garden. In the last blog I mentioned we have set up a straw bale garden and I’m conditioning the bales for planting after Easter and I’m doing some weeding out and re-planting in the greenhouses. I find that activity relaxing and a pleasant diversion from the craziness that surrounds me. When the weather gets nicer we’ll throw a little camping in to boot.