Terry -close-smiling   A number of Christian writers are starting to gather at a new place, a place for those who love westerns without language or objectionable content and those who like a little inspirational content in their stories. Postings there can include not only western, but historical or historical romance that meets the criteria of being set in the 1800’s and primarily west of the Mississippi or contemporary that has a strong western theme.

All readers are welcome but posts need approval to ensure they meet the above criteria and are monitored so inappropriate material will hopefully be caught before it goes on the page. Posts that are not a fit are not accepted.  If an inappropriate book or comment slips through people are encouraged to alert me and it will be immediately deleted. We want people to be able to trust the content that they find there.

It’s true the numbers are building slowly at this site as writers who write this type of content and readers who want this type of writing find each other here but that’s how we want it. If you are one that loves reading about a simpler time when things were more sharply defined and not shades of gray come check out the Christian Western – readers and authors site at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1656180397968908