New Year’s Resolutions

I think the only New Year’s Resolutions I have ever successfully made and kept was a number of years ago when I resolved not to make any more dang fool resolutions. I’ve kept that successfully for many years now.

That doesn’t mean I don’t think about the future, don’t have goals and plans. I do. But my guiding document is not resolutions but a to do list. Anything and everything goes on the to do list. It has sections on it and the first section is things that HAVE to be done and they are prioritized and have deadlines. My preference is when I think of them to do them right then but if I can’t they go on the list so they aren’t forgotten. Section one is on the computer and on my phone as well.

Section two is things that need to be done but don’t have a pressing time frame. This is in the same document on my computer as the rest of the list but doesn’t go on the phone until it graduates to pressing. Chances are both section one and two will get done.

Section three is things I MIGHT DO. These things might graduate to an upper list or might sit here a long time and eventually be culled from the list.

Sounds like a lot of work? If something occurs to me or a honey-do comes my way I stick it on the list if it isn’t something I can do right at the time. When I line out chores in the morning I glance over the list to see what I want to include that day while I’m having coffee. My neighbor has coffee with me and we choose a lot of things to do together.

It’s great when I make progress working down my list. When we were moving that list got up to be 7 single spaced 8×10 pages and now it is down to two. Kept us from forgetting a lot of things and helped us do a better job of prioritizing our work.

There are times when I think life is working down our list. There’s always more to go on it. But lists are immortal, they can never be completely worked down, and when we pass on to our reward our list survives, added on to someone else’s list . . . along with the task of planting us.

Yes, for me a resolution is a nebulous thing, a hope or a wish. A goal or a plan is firm and once placed on a list will nag me until it is done. I don’t do resolutions.