000_0004.jpg  Our Church adopts some apartment complexes and get presents for children who aren’t set to get much under the tree.  We’ve adopted angels from the angel tree, we give money that goes into a fund that’s used to buy such gifts. Anyone who doesn’t reach out to others at Christmas is depriving themselves of a blessing. It’s a delightful experience and I recommend it highly.

I’m also encouraged that more and more I hear people returning to saying “Merry Christmas” and acknowledging the fact that this season is about more than gift-giving, but a celebration of the birth of Jesus. No, we can’t be sure that this is the exact date, but it doesn’t matter, some date had to be chosen and this is it. Jesus gave us the greatest gift we will ever receive, the gift of our salvation, and this is a wonderful time to remind people of that.

In a day when it seems many are dead set to remove religion from the walls and nativity scenes from the lawns in public places, they can’t remove it from the hearts of Christians, and that’s over a hundred million potential shining billboards for the real meaning of Christmas. I hope we all resolve to make a mockery of their efforts to remove Christianity from our land and send forth a wave of peace and love that will cause lawmakers to realize they are bowing to the wishes of a very vocal minority against the wishes of the huge majority of the population. They just don’t get it.