good closeupI retired from Hartline Literary Agency as an agent effective November first. For years I have been unable to do little with my writing because of the time spent working for my clients. I really enjoyed it and managed to get nearly 200 books published for them. Now I’m trying to make the transition back from Agent to writer.

It’s like sitting down and meeting an old friend. To help me get cranked up I put ebooks online for the titles that had never had ebook versions through Lone Mesa Publishing. If you have a Kindle unlimited, I think all of them are free and can be found at my Amazon Author page

At the same location you find the other titles currently in print particularly The Badge and the Bible, my new one, also from Lone Mesa. This is a contemporary Christian western set in the 70’s about a sheriff who is also a preacher on the side . . . or is he a preacher who also works as a sheriff? That conundrum is the crux of the story and produces some fascinating results.

I’m working on the sequel to the Badge and the Bible and I’m finding it is as if the characters have been waiting on me to take up where we left off. Going back to format the earlier books to go online I found the same thing there. I loved getting reacquainted with them and it had been long enough since they were published that I loved reading them again. Isn’t that strange? Enjoyed reading my own books again? I haven’t read them since they published so that’s exactly what it was.

I do miss being an agent, but I am enjoying writing, and my greenhouse is set up for the winter and overflowing with plants and vegetables. I don’t think I’m going to have a problem filling my time up.