It can get me down a little spending the day turning people down for representation when I know how much they want it, getting rejections for clients that I have to pass on to them. They get a few rejections, but I get a LOT of them. I record Gaither programs and later in the afternoon when it starts getting to me put one on. They really pick my spirits up.

I had one on today and they were talking to Linda Randle. Someone asked her “How did you get with the Gaithers? How did you get established in gospel music?”

She said, “You get with God and God will hook you up where He wants you to be.” She said she doesn’t care if she is considered the best southern gospel singer but now she just cares if she thinks she is centered in God’s will, whatever that is.

That’s the best advice I ever heard for a Christian writer when they are worrying about what editor, agent or publisher they need to hook up with. It’s terrific. It’s good advice for an agent too.