I’m making a potential reader survey: Is this a cover that would cause you to pick up the book?

I committed time to an online course for the American Christian Fiction writers. It was an intensive effort and I put eight to ten hours a day into it for an entire month leading the discussion and answering what questions I could, finding out anything I couldn’t answer.

I looked at the huge amount of information when it finished, but I had a lot of the 600 participants asking for a print version that they could use as a resource. I compiled it into a book which Port Yonder Press will soon have out. I’m very pleased.

I have it available for pre-order in the bookstore at my website www.terryburns.net and for those who do pre-order, I’m sending them a smaller ebook version to use until the print version is available.

So what do you think? Is this a cover that would entice you to take a look? Or would a cover along this theme but using a real person work better? Leave a comment and tell me.