Here I am a thorn among a sea of roses. And if I know these ladies they will all be even more resplendent tonight at the banquet.

I’m at the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference in Denver and it has been a delight. I believe I have had to tell each of the over 500 attendees one at a time that my heel is much better, that I am happy to now be able to get around with a cane, but that there is still a bit of pain involved.

This is a conference loaded with a lot of terrific content. I often wish I could partake of some but have to be in appointments. But in those appointments I’ve heard a lot of fine pitches and will be very busy reviewing proposals that will come in after I get home.

Clients Donn Taylor, Pam Meyers, Susan Miura, Sherri Gallagher and Curt Iles are here and are working the conferences like a set of trained covert operatives. They’ve fanned out and are collecting information from the various editors reporting back and sharing that info with the group. Some good opportunities are arising from it.

Tamela and I did our agent session last night and it was well attended. Good questions and good interest. I enjoyed it very much. Some of my favorite editors are here and it has been good to get to spend a little time with some of them. Got to see Ted Dekker briefly last night, nice guy.

Well, the dawn is breaking and it’s about time to launch into the last day. I will probably amend this blog before this day is done. If you are here, hope we’ve had time to meet and if you aren’t, well, you know we wish you were here.