The election is over and we have named a new President by a clear margin.

I will readily admit I am one who thinks we have made a serious mistake.

However, my wife and I determined that we will pray for him and for our country and genuinely and sincerely hope that those in the majority have been right about their assessment. I turned on my computer this morning to find that Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson had done a fine job of capturing the necessary course of action to pursue in the days to come. I will not plagiarize him but encourage you to go read it for yourself at

I am not ashamed of my support for McCain and Palin and was immensely proud at the way he gave his concession speech, putting aside obvious personal pain to immediately try and heal the breach, as always putting America first. In spite of all that has been said, McCain is a class act.

That having been said I will pray for the new administration, will try to give them the benefit of a doubt, and will curb my tongue as Hyatt has suggested. Good comments from a man whose blog often contains sound advice. I encourage you to go read the blog.