Freelance Writer

Terry has ghostwritten three books, wrote companion books for two movie scripts, and has written articles, magazine and print content, short stories, and blogs and online content. See a sample of his work below.



Terry Burns has written more than 40 books throughout various genres. His most popular works are his Christian Western Fiction novels and his helpful books on publishing, which draw on a decade’s worth of experience as a literary agent in addition to his work as an author.


Follower of Christ

Throughout Terry’s career in publishing as both an author and agent, his purpose has been to reach out to the lost as a follower of Jesus Christ. You’ll find Terry’s personal testimony in the links above.

Excerpts from Terry’s Work

Soul Matters for Men, Thomas Nelson 2005

Facing the Thing I Fear

Soul MattersAs a kid I was bashful and shy, tremendously so. I still am. My wife even has to order pizza or return things to the store. I had a teacher that recognized my problem and said the answer was to groom my leadership skills. Leadership? How do you lead somebody when you can’t even talk to them?

He started treating me as the class leader, even suppressing the natural leaders a little to make it happen. He called on me a lot during class and always made sure whatever I said turned out well. It gave me a little confidence. While I still had trouble in one-on-one situations, I discovered that a group was kind of faceless – I could talk in front of a group.


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Cup of Comfort for Weddings, 2007

Grandpa Doesn’t Eat Carrots

cup of comfort for weddingsThe first meal grandma prepared her new husband was a pot roast with a thick brown gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, and candied carrots. He was not unkind with his words, but he pushed the latter to the side of the plate and gently said, “I don’t eat carrots.”

“It must have been the way I prepared them,” Grandma thought. She loved carrots. Surely she wasn’t supposed to give them up. She added onions, potatoes, and yes carrots to the next pot roast she prepared. Grandpa pushed them to the side and said, “I don’t eat carrots.”


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Heartwarming Christmas Stories, David C. Cook Publishing, 2006

An Email for Christmas

heartwarming Christmas StoriesCorporal Mike Cotton sat on his bunk holding the combat boot he had just removed, seeming to lack the will to drop it. His shoulders slumped and he stared at the floor anguish on his face.

“This is the worst day since we’ve been over here.”

Sergeant Steve Smith, the squad leader, nodded. He knew the look. “It doesn’t seem much like Christmas when we look out and see sand and Humvees instead of snow and sleighs.”

Both men wore desert camouflage, the uniform of the day in the field in Iraq. Beyond that they had little in common. Mike was a big man with a baby face framed and accented with dark hair and eyebrows. Steve looked older than his twenty-six years, with unruly blonde hair and an ever-present grin that made orders easier to take. His men would charge hell with a bucket of water for him.

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On the Road Home, Port Yonder Press, 2010


new_roadWhen I’ve finished school . . . college . . . get that job . . . win that sweepstakes . . . get married . . . when the kids are grown . . . when the bills are paid . . . when I save enough money . . .

Much of my life has been spent waiting for something to happen, something that’ll make everything easy riding.  Sometimes that happens and things do get rosy and bright, but then the next thing I know I’m waiting for something else.  I’ve spent a huge amount of my life “on hold.”

I put the Lord in charge of my life a long time ago.  I look to Him and try to do what he wants.  Well, at least I do it occasionally.  There are periods when I get caught up in the business of living, and the next thing I know I’m back on hold again.

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Out of the Overflow, 2014

Heart Prayer

out of the overflowHave you ever prayed a heart prayer? Perhaps like me you have and just didn’t have a name for it. That would make sense to not have anything to call it since it’s a prayer that has no words in it.

It happens when life puts us on our knees and we are so devastated, or so sad, or so grief-stricken that our heads don’t work. We’re fuzzy and disoriented and our every sensation is wrapped in pain. Our chests are tight and there’s a lump in our throats and there are no words to say what we are feeling because our brains won’t or can’t put the words together.


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On the Road Home, Port Yonder Press, 2010

Just Say Yes

new_roadI NEVER want to say no to God. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I was doing it all the time.

When the Lord asks us to do something there are only two answers, yes or no. “Maybe” is no. “Later” is no. “I can’t” or “I’m not qualified” is no. God doesn’t call the qualified, He calls the inadequate and enables them.

A number of years ago I hit what was undoubtedly the lowest point in my life. My father and only sibling dies within a couple of months of each other. I lost my job, wrecked my car, my marriage came apart. I’m not saying every time bad things happen that God is disciplining us, things just happen. But if enough of them happen we have to entertain the thought that God is trying to get our attention.


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Echoes of Mercy, 2013

The Miracle

echoes of mercyThe bird was dead.

My grandson and I stood looking down on it and he was upset. “I wish it hadn’t died,” he said simply.

I wished it hadn’t died either. “What if I had a miracle for you?” I asked quietly.

“Do you?”


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